Gatim impreuna #deladistanta: Aperitiv cu sprot afumat de Riga – Rep. Moldova

Este o persoana puternica, extrem de pozitiva, cu simtul umorului si cu o energie fara margini iar prin intermediul companiei sale de teatru Hodoronktronk’s World aduce zambetul pe buzele a sute de copii si nu numai šŸ˜‰ .
Si pe langa toate acestea, este mereu alaturi de fetita ei (care, de altfel, ii seamana foarte mult) si de mama sa. Va salut, doamnelor!

Iar noi ne-am cunoscut acum 20 de ani in Costinesti in cea mai tare vacanta studenteasca pe care am avut-o vreodata (eu, cel putin šŸ˜Ž). Asta ti se datoreaza in cea mai mare parte tie, Taia. Ai un talent de a scoate ce e mai bun din oameni, de a improviza in functie de situatie si de a da o nota pozitiva lucrurilor. Draga mea prietena, esti diferita de multi oameni pe care i-am cunoscut, ma bucur ca ne-am revazut si ca ti-ai facut timp pentru a gati #deladistanta impreuna cu mine. De abia astept si gustarile live cand ne-om intalni pe bune.
Taisia (Taia) este originara din Chisinau, Rep. Moldova si locuieste in prezent in Bucuresti. Pentru aceasta ocazie ea mi-a trimis un aperitiv interesant si foarte rapid, care merge atat ca o gustare de dupa-amiaza cat si ca aperitiv pentru masa festiva de Revelion insa mi-e precizat ca este musai sa il prepar cu sprot afumat de Riga (de la magazinul Berezka – magazin cu produse rusesti autentice) ca altfel, e bai. Deci, aveti grija mare! Eu m-am apucat de treaba si am cautat magazinul online šŸ˜‰

Aperitiv cu paine prajita si sprot afumat de Riga


– 8 – 10 felii de paine alba sau neagra
– 1 conserva sprot afumat de Riga
– 6 castraveciori murati sau proaspeti taiati rondele
– optional 3 rosii feliate
– optional 1 lamaie feliata
– rondele de ceapa
– frunze de patrunjel /marar
– zeama de la o lamaie
– optional usturoi
– maioneza
– ou fiert ras sau rondele

Mod de preparare:
Prajiti painea in cuptorul incins, apoi o lasati putin sa se raceasca. Se scurge uleiul din conserva.
Se unge painea cu usturoi si/maioneza dupa gust, se aseaza deasupra rondele de castraveti/rosii/lamaie apoi 1-2 pesti, se stropeste cu zeama de lamaie si in final se decoreaza cu ou ras, rondele de ceapa si cu patrunjel/marar.
Decorul este optional si poate cuprinde toate ingredientele sau doar o parte din ele.
Se serveste imediat. Pofta buna!

She is a strong person, extremely positive, with a sense of humor and boundless energy and through her theater company Hodoronktronk’s World brings a smile on the lips of hundreds of children and more šŸ˜‰ .
And besides all this, she is always there for her little girl (who, by the way, looks a lot like her) and for her mother. Hello, ladies!

We’ve met 20 years ago in Costinesti in the hottest student vacation I ever had (me, at least šŸ˜Ž). That’s mostly due to you, Taia. You have a talent to bring out the best in people, to improvise depending on the situation and to give a positive note to all things. My dear friend, you are different from many people I have met, I am glad that we saw each other again and that you took the time to cook #fromdistance with me. I can’t wait for the live snacks when we really meet.
Taisia ā€‹ā€‹(Taia) is originally from Chisinau, Rep. Moldova and currently lives in Bucharest. For this occasion, she sent me an interesting and very fast appetizer, which goes both as an afternoon snack and as an appetizer for the New Year’s festive meal, but I was told that it is necessary to prepare it with Riga smoked sprout ( from the Berezka store – store with authentic Russian products) otherwise, it’s bad. So you be very careful! I got to work and searched the online store šŸ˜‰

Appetizer with toast and Riga smoked sprout


– 8 – 10 slices of white or black bread
– 1 canned smoked Riga sprout
– 6 pickled or freshly cut cucumbers
– optional 3 sliced tomatoes
– optional 1 sliced lemon
– onion rings
– parsley/dill
– lemon juice
– optional garlic
– mayonnaise
– boiled egg grated or slices


Fry the bread in the hot oven, then let it cool a bit. Drain the oil from the can.
Grease the bread with garlic and / mayonnaise to taste, place the cucumber / tomato / lemon slices on top and then 1-2 fish, sprinkle with lemon juice and finally decorate with grated egg, onion slices and parsley/dill.
The decor from the top is optional and can include all or only some of the ingredients.
Serve immediately. Bon appetite!

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